Popular rapper, MI Abaga has resolved not to keep mute on hate comments posted on his Instagram page. He made a response to comments generated after he asked for his followers on the platform hit 200,000, promising to take 200 lucky ladies out. “200k is round the corner! You know I lose my mind when this sort of thing happens! 200 ladies going for dinner with me. I'll feed you and serenade you guys. Will let you know when it's time how to sign up! You ready?” the Choc City boss wrote a day ago. But after the post, there were mixed reactions. While some were in support of MI’s 200k club, others saw it as a cheap avenue to get followers on Instagram. “I nor sure say any girl for nija dey buy MI cd... him fake for saying this. Imagin person wey say him na celebrity dey beg for 200k followers wen peeps like am dey count millions followers,” one of his fans commented. Barely 24 hours after the post was put up, MI decided to reply those criticizing him, especially those comparing with other artistes. “Comment of the day: 1. Ladies do buy my music and rap along. Absolutely, and I love and appreciate my female fans. 2. There will always be someone better than you at doing something. Someone with more followers etc. Don't beat yourself up work hard and try to improve that's all that matters. “Some may have way more than me and that's great and inspirational. But I could also have way less. So, I'm grateful and I choose to celebrate what I have,” he captioned a screenshot of most of the hate comments on his earlier post.
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