Nigerian rapper, Olamide, is really showing to the world that he came from the streets and would not forsake the ghetto. He is one artiste some up and coming stars love to relate with because of his open door policy. No wonder he is rising by the day. Sometimes ago, he spoke against how some celebs discriminate against other artistes they feel are below class. To him, he has no problem relating well with any artiste or celeb he comes across with so far bounds are not crossed. Not too long ago, he announced that any budding artiste that gets turned down for a duet should contact his management, promising to jump on the song if it is worth it. “We came to this world with nothing, we leave with nothing. When your favourite celeb done turn you down, holla at my team. If the jam is nice, I’m jumping on it. Guinness world record get ready for me,” he said. your social media marketing partner