Popular singer, 9ice, may have not won the primaries for a sit in the Ogbomosho North Constituency, but he seems fulfilled after given politics a trial and is in high hopes for greater days ahead. Returning back to what brought him fame which is music, the singer pointed out that there a lot that needs to be talked about by musicians which they have actually neglected. He stated that rather than sing about critical issues, musicians only care about their clubbing and how to make money for their pockets rather than help fight the ills in the society. 9Ice admitted that since delving into politics, his eyes has been opened to a lot of things which he never knew about. “I think that there are so many issues for us as musicians to talk about that we are not even bothered about. We bother about the club and how we can make money and we wonder how Fela Anikulapo kuti could become a legend and the secrets are clear and there but we’re not paying attention to it, we’re paying attention to our pocket and that’s so sad. There are so many issues that we need to be talking about that we are not talking about, so politics has been able to open my eyes to all those things that we have neglected and they are things that affect almost everyone in the country,” he told hipTV.
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