It is expected for star actress, Monalisa Chinda, to have a very busy schedule especially with her venture into the talk show business. Her ‘You and I’ programme on television and other commitments must have taken much of her time, which necessitated her decision to employ the services of a nanny to cater for her daughter named Temar. For those very close to the actress, it has not been too easy for the single mother of one, but she has done her best to always be there for her young girl. We learnt that is why when Monalisa is less busy with work, she spends it with her daughter, who she holds dearly. Over the weekend, the actress went to church with her daughter and her nanny. She posted the photograph for all to see. Click the link below to go to... BREAKING: MAU Students In Heavy Protest Of UNILAG Name Change your social media marketing partner