Nollywood, Ayo Mogaji, can be said to be one of those that have helped brought the Nigerian movie industry to the current position it is now and this has kept her wondering why some of the older generations of actors are not being recognized for endorsement deals. Ayo who recently opened an Inn (Beer parlour) in Ibadan to help boost her purse, explained that companies today now go for younger actors because they are able to get what they want from them (younger actors) than the older ones. She stated that majority of them have so hard to get to the stage they are but are not being recognized by blue chip companies due to best reasons known to them. When asked why they are not getting endorsement deals like younger actors, she told Newtelegraph that “Maybe we don’t work hard enough, maybe we cannot sleep around and maybe we cannot quite do what the younger ones are doing or they cannot get what they’re getting from the younger ones from us. “It’s quite shocking that some people still think you’ve not done enough and that it’s only the new faces that can sell products and services. All well and good, if anybody needs my service, they will call me when the time comes.” your social media marketing partner