Hell has being let loose on the Instagram page of delectable Nollywood actress, Ebube Nwagbo AKA Posh Baby. The whole ugly drama kicked off when the Anambra State born diva shared a photo she recently took with super soccer star, Messi on Instagram and some of her followers she have been snubbing flared up. ‘I know u beg messi for this but wen a Nigeria people beg u for a selfie u turn them down useless Nigeria celebrity. Thought I never come close to u guys for pics but u guys are full of shit. Who made Ebube Nwagbo big??? fans who watch her movie and buy cd. At the end they will look down on them cos they have make it through. I just hate the way they treat their lovely fans every one complaining too much about them . I have see like 20 more of her movie and also listen to her worship gospel song. if u go cinema they will be begging u to watch their movie and u will spend 2.500# to watch one Movie to help their life yet they will still be forming’, one Instagram user with the handle @luvetune111 penned down in fury. Although some of Ebube’s die-hard followers shunned the guy down, while few others concurred with @luvetune111’s claims, the actress had to come into the scene to defend herself. ‘Hahahahaha ...U are so bitter..Pls ur a English is giving me migraine..Pls go learn how to construct a good sentence before coming on social media to insult somebody that doesn't know or ever met u!!Am sure is this ur English and attitude that is full of shit that was the reason ur selfie request was turned down(that is if u hv ever been opportuned to come close to any celeb)Now bye Felicia..Go get busy with ur Queen Primer!!!!Rubbish in *Obama' Bitter soul!!!Have u met me??Hell No!!And u hv the nerves to come on my page to display stupidity???Get urself off my page..No negativity and bitterness allowed here. Hope u give that advice to urself Hun??Dont jump into matters that won't fetch u anything positive..Learn from ur fellow followers abroad too...Thnxx,’ she wrote as more comments flowed in.
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