Some hours ago,a photo of the governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu, giving an old woman a thousand Naira note floaded social media and many people praised him for being king to the old and poor. However, Cool FM Daddy Freeze has criticised and lambasted the governor’s supposed ‘generous’ act. The aggrieved Radio Big Boy took to his Instagram page to express his mind. According to him, the money is too small and would hardly make an impact in the poor woman's life. 'Generous' Abia state governor hailed for giving old woman 1k. Hmmmm….. Questions: 1.How is this going to affect her life over the course of the next one week, one month, one year? 2. How much is that again in dollars? 3. Why take a picture giving away 1k? 4. Are Nigerians ever going to see the big picture? Comments: Do you see wall between both people? A wall clearly emphasized by that body guard? Some people give out millions everyday in school fees, surgical procedures etc and don't get 'pictures' in the media. Gov Fayose would at least have come down from that vehicle, helped the woman cut her fish or peel her oranges then given her some money instead of giving just 1k from the comfort of his SUV and the protection of his guards. #Not Impressed #Nigeria Needs More #Nigeria Deserves Better Advice: Dear Governor, Kindly come out of that wretched car and walk among those people. #Poor People Don't Bite #They Voted You In Sir #Swiss President Uses The Train #Nigerian Ministers Should Use Public Transport." he wrote. Do you agree with Freeze? What should the Governor have done instead? your social media marketing partner