Nigerian Rapper, Ruggedman, is not relenting in building an empire as he has been working and investing effortlessly to ensure that he invests his money wisely rather than living a flamboyant lifestyle like some of his colleagues. The singer, who is still making wave with his musical career, as part of his investments decided to launch a clothing line which has been making tremendous impact for a while now. Seeing the success of his clothing line, he decided to delve into water bottle business which has been attracting buyers. With a unique style different from the regular water bottles seen in the market, the singer feels fulfilled to have been able to attract attention with his good business acumen. Designing it to be white, a fan who seems not to be comfortable with the colour, aired her opinion that the singer should have made it transparent as it is the features of a water bottle. But the singer replied that “everybody has a point, but the most important point is that this is the water bottle being advertised, you can use your point for your water bottles. This is Ruggedman water bottles. Thank for your opinions.” your social media marketing partner