There has been a lot of drama happening in the entertainment industry recently, however just as the names goes, we are getting entertained. Yung6ix is no push aside when we talk about Nigeria rappers making wave. The young artiste has been able to carve a niche for himself in the industry. However, he has vented about a certain issue threatening to release to the public a secret which he has been habouring for a while. Although the singer did not specify what the secret was all about but some fans are suggesting that it could be related to intellectual property theft which has been an issue in the industry in for some weeks now. He gave an ultimatum of 24 hours for his demands to be met or he will spill the beans which according to him tends to tarnish the image of those involved. In his words, “I've been pushed to the edge at a point where if I don't fight back I will fall but I'm being quiet because Big Names are involved. I have shut my mouth about this and respected myself for 2 years but every human has a limit. In 24hrs if there are no changes to the current situation I will blog an open letter and to Label, management and artiste involved. “They don't want us to talk now but it is too late. It's easier to destroy than to build. You still came on twitter to sub, so shameful.” This drama happening in the entertainment industry is getting interesting and this looks like a big face- off coming soon. Watch out!!! your social media marketing partner