Yoruba actress, Regina Chukwu, is not taking things easy when it comes to relationship matters as she continues to share her wealth of experience with her fans. Recently, the actress has come out to warn those in relationships to be careful about whom they claim to love and not just rush into relationships they will regret. She stated that if a relationship comes to an end, people should accept it that it is the will of God rather than they trying to force the love which will never work out. According to her, “If you're struggling with a breakup, there's no use in going back and forth with What coulda, shoulda, Woulda happened. If things were so amazing, you would still be with that person. God has an interesting way of allowing relationship to end- because in all honesty, that relationship wasn't the best for you and HE HAD to close that door... because you wouldn't & things would've only gotten worse. So, guard your heart by avoiding that person in real life & via social media. Keep feeding those emotions...they will live. Starve those emotions & they will DIE!”
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