Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti is a well celebrated man in Nigeria. Despite been dead, his legacy lives on. His quest for justice and truthful kind of life earned him the love and respect of many. In an interview with Channels TV, one of wife of the late legend, Laide Anikulapo Kuti, spoke about her life with him when he was still alive. She was among his dances and was among the 26 wives he married at a stretch. She described him as a great man, who never discriminated, a man who was simple, loving and generous. Despite the number of wives he had, he never loved any less than the other. She said: “He was a very great man, loved being with people, loved taking charge of people. In Fela’s house, there was no rich or poor man. He would put his bag of money in the midst of everybody and share it between everyone.I was with Fela for seven years before that and I’ve seen the difference and I could see that there was nobody that I can go through that with satisfy me like him, so when he decided to marry us, I was one of the happiest.” Fela’s music conveyed deep message to people of different age group, his music was loved my many. Till date his songs are cherished, and has been a source of inspiration to many your social media marketing partner