Singer, Eldee da Don, is currently in the country after a long break from music to concentrate on other business abroad with his family. The singer, who returned to the country about three weeks ago, but be considering a comeback if possible but he is in no rush as he is still taking his time to access the industry for now. Observing the whole things going on in the country, the singer has picked the kind of flashy cars like the G-Wagon, some Nigerians drive as a case study to say that the numbers of such cars on the Island could possibly clear the debt Nigeria owes. “The total value of all the G-wagons in Lekki may be able to offset Nigeria's debts.” Eldee did not just stop at that, probably not comfortable with the electricity challenges in some parts of the country like the Island, he made it clear that people should not invite him to an event that there is no air conditioner. In his words, “Fellow Nigerians, please don’t invite me to places where there is no AC, I beg you in the name of God.” your social media marketing partner