Just some few weeks after the burial of the King of Pop, words reaching Trend'tainment is that King of Punk in the Nigerian entertainment industry Charles Oputa a.k.a Charley Boy and acclaimed Area Fada has undergone a plastic surgery. The Area Fada was recently seen on a musical location somewhere around LEKKI Lagos State with international acclaimed dance hall maestro, Dr Alban for the shooting of the musical video collaboration they did together and that was where the revelation was made; Charley Boy did not only travel to Sweden on a musical tour with Dr Alban but he also went there for a face lift. His new look is of an Arabian Prince, though many believe it was a decoy to conceal his new face. He was edgy throughout the shooting of the video as he instructed his body guards to obstruct photographers from taking his snapshots. Trend'tainment gathered that his face looked a bit thin and very firm. All the fat around his face has disappeared all of a sudden. He also looked too young for his age and he only allowed his wife, Lady Diane, to make him up. When asked why he is going the Wacko way, he denied the allegation and he became violent when asked again as he claimed that he had an accident in Sweden during a boxing exercise with his pairing partner which shifted his jaw causing it to be rectified through a surgical operation.
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