Salamu Alaikum, Malam Sadiq, how are you and your family? My entertainment question is; are you in anyway related to Umar Gombe, you seem very close to him, closer to him than any of his colleagues in the Hausa film industry? Besides, I have seen you two on a cover of a Hausa novel, in a three million naira car in the middle of Jos city and he seems to mention your name in every of his interviews and profiles online, in print, on screen and on air. For someone who dislikes the Hausa films industry, that is very strange. Aminu Musa Dutse, Dutse, Jigawa state. Amin Alaikum Salam, Malam Aminu, I have said it times without number that, I have no problem whatsoever with the Hausa film industry, I have a fantastic relationship with lots of the artistes in the industry and I am one of their biggest fan. What I write on the pages of the newspapers is just a case of calling spade a spade, nothing more. So point of correction, once more, I did'nt dislike the Hausa movie industry. Umar Gombe is a friend, a colleague and brother. The book you saw us on, was written by my boss, so it's a kind of personal favour. We were in Jos for his Uncle's assignment, the car belongs to the man. I seem to get in every of his interview and profile because he claims I inspire him so much, which was very flattering. I hope that satisfies your curiousity, thank you your social media marketing partner