IF there is any celebrity endorser we know who uses (as in consistent use) the product that he endorses or has endorsed, then it is the President of the Interim National Government (did you ask us what that meant?) of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Segun Aina Padonu (aka Segun Arinze). We don’t now know if he was trying to impress waka pass having discovered that he doesn’t do endorsement for endorsement sake. Anyway, waka pass ran into the actor of many credits at an art centre one Thursday and the only thing he didn’t order for at the snack and drink bar was tax clearance certificate (you know he also did something for the Lagos State Tax authority). Come and see our president that day… he first downed the liquid content of a brand in a black bottle and called another order. He then ordered for a bottle of milk that he takes with his family at the beach (in the advert o). But for the actor, Emeka Rollas, who came and hurried him out of the bar, we were cocksure that the actor, who is called 'Black Arrow' by fans, would have placed order for ‘tax clearance certificate’. Well, one waka pass told us he did. We asked him how and he said the tax clearance certificate came in form of a bowl of Ofada rice, which he downed to clear the tax in his stomach. Cari go Presido! It isn’t easy, at all.
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