Benita Nzeribe was once a hot cake in the movie industry. Her bitchy acts won her many movie roles. She was so busy that she almost lived on locations. But that has seemed not to be the case lately. As if it is not bad enough that producers are no longer producing many movies, the few that are being produced are being acted by new faces and others on the A-list in the movie industry. As such, dear Benita is almost not seen in the movies again. But her face is never in short supply in social circles. Hardly will you go to a major event without finding the babe there, looking good and well dressed. caught her at the airport in Abuja recently while she was on her way to Lagos and she attracted a lot of attention. She wore a short prom dress in daylight. She did not know whether to hold her dress that was being blown up by air as she walked or fasten her hands on her heavy luggage. Dear Benita managed to enter the aircraft and tried to quickly hand her luggage to an air hostess to help her carry it. If she had thought the air hostess would gladly carry the bag since it belonged to a ‘star’, she was greatly mistaken. The pretty air hostess, dressed in red, quietly ignored her and her luggage. Consigned to fate, Benita managed to drag her luggage to a seat that was not allocated to her, put it on the compartment, heaved a sigh of relief and proceeded to her original seat. your social media marketing partner