This is a story about two ladies that must be told. The later, the estranged wife of music star, 9ice recently separated from her hubby when her ex-hubby discovered that she had been seeing some of his friends in the industry before they got married. While it may look like a very lame excuse, we must not forget that men are egotistic, selfish animals; something women may never fully understand. It’ll probably be hard for him to ever kiss her again when he remembers where that mouth has been. On the other hand, we can only imagine how hard it must have been for T. Payne to come out with that kind of revelation without taking into consideration what the repercussions would be…NOW DON’T WE KNOW? She wasn’t fortunate. Enter Kendra Wilkinson, ex-playmate of the Playboy mansion married to sports star, Hank Baskett. Now, before they got married Hank asked Kendra to come clean about her past and she told him that she had been involved in a sex tape in the past. Aas hard as that was to hear and considering the fact that he may never again get the publicity he is getting from the free promotion/publicity he has been getting from E! television, he decided to put that behind him and marry the playmate star. One year into their marriage and with a baby on the way, Kendra’s ex-boyfriend releases the tape and all hell breaks loose? Not really? because Kendra had come clean, they are both able to ride through the storm together… your social media marketing partner