IT won’t be out of context if it is said that Halima Abubakar is one of the hottest actresses in Nollywood. But can one say a career in acting is all about body exposure and sex appeal? Halima had this to say when she was asked.“I really do not see myself as sexy, that is why I’m always confused when I see the number of men who crave my body. As for your second question, I know I’m a wonderful actress, I am not just about looks, I have got acting skills that can be matched by a few,” she said. With a degree in Sociology, the Kogi State-born actress believes she is ready to take the front seat in the scheme of things in Nollywood. For an actress who began her foray into acting a decade ago, how come she still sees herself as a rookie? Even more baffling is the fact that many fans know the name Halima Abubakar more than they know the face, that one would naturally ask the reason for this? Her response was a sharp contrast to the wild, weird Halima that a section of the media has always written about. “God has his own way of doing things; all I can say is that God wanted me to experience life before giving me success. Another thing that I believe made my name more popular than my face is the fact that I took off to face my studies and the resultant effect is that I was off the scene for five years. The media will hear one rumour or the other, given the fact that it was difficult to reach me, they will just go to press with all sorts of stories and the funny thing is; they only had old pictures of me. So, people who read these stories can even walk past me without knowing I’m the one,” she explained. From her early years in the movies industry till date, Halima remains one of the most provocative dressers among the female folks. Bearing this in mind, one will naturally want to know if she intentionally creates sensation to attract attention from the media. “Showbiz is all about creativity, but I’m not sure if that creativity involves attracting negative things to yourself; there is no way I’ll dress just to attract attention.” How then would she describe her style? “Just casual, I like keeping it simple and easy.” your social media marketing partner