Pastor Odukoya married his South African wife in January, seven and a half months later in August, she delivered a baby boy amid speculation she was pregnant before they got married. Addressing the issue in Church last week, Pastor Odukoya explained the circumstances that led to the untimely birth of his new baby. He said "I was in England when my wife's emergency call came. She insisted the doctor wanted to see me. I flew to Johannesburg, South Africa immediately. When I got there, the doctor insisted they had to take the baby out. I was wondering and asking God why August, why this time? I battled God severally, but we had no choice than to yield to the doctor's advice. Two days after I got there, they brought the baby out. It was an emergency but God helped us. The baby is doing very well. God has disgraced those counting days for us." Well, you've heard it from the horse's mouth...:-) your social media marketing partner