In the acting field, the characters do not do things according to their will but follow strictly what their directors often tell them. Therefore when a director commands an actress or an actor to go nude, he has no questions to ask than to follow the commands making the law of “Obey before complain” very paramount. Following the acting industry in Ghana for the past years, it is now obvious that regardless of your age, religious beliefs or social status you do not work with your own mind and attitude when standing before a camera and taking instructions from your director. There are a number of occasions where numerous actors and actresses have been attacked by their fans due to a role they played in some particular movies. Following the condition in relation to this picture in the story, this writer intends to bring to readers how Mr. Ibu, a popular Nollywood actor is being seen in the eyes of the ordinary man and how one should see him when plying his trade as a professional actor. Real name Mr. John Okafor and a University graduate who studied Mass Communication, he has defied all odds to make it big in the acting industry in Nigeria. Mr. Okafo is also a family man with a growing number of fans in the movie world. It was even reported some months back that Mr. Ibu`s wife and children were kidnaped by some people demanding a ransom. Now imagine a personality with all these pedigree going out to show his naked body like we are seeing is equal to madness in the thinking of this writer, since mad people like actors do not work with their own conscience. In recent times, the ladies in the movie world have really come under serious criticism about the fact that they expose their bodies too much to the general public in the name of movie making. It is in the wake of this that the censorship board of Ghana has started being active in making the movie world a good place to be in life as a legal profession. If all actors and actresses can involve themselves in some dastardly act like we are witnessing, then acting is really equal to madness. Flex newspaper therefore wants to create the awareness among movie fans that what actors and actresses do on screen is not how they really are but often, they do that under the influence of directors and in the name of movie making. your social media marketing partner