Although all the movie stars have returned from the Cannes Film festivals held in France, controversies will not cease in the media after Juliet Ibrahim came out to broadcast to the public that she and some other movie stars went through hardship in France. In a separate interview with some Radio stations in Ghana, She made it known to Peace Fm that although she will not like to talk about the problems of her colleagues, she believes John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson decided to come to Ghana because of the same hardship they were facing . Trying to get the side of John Dumelo since Yvonne Nelson was not ready to comment on the issue, John Dumelo revealed to us that if Juliet Ibrahim Notified the media that he and Yvonne Nelson came to Ghana because of difficulties and neglect they went though in France, Then Juliet Ibrahim stands to be corrected,”We just went to France for four days and I don’t think, Four days will push any of the actors I know to face monetary challenges” he said. Whether he still stands by his point that Juliet Ibrahim is ungrateful John revealed that he never said she is ungrateful, But at least if someone has sacrificed to give you a ticket and you just have to pay for half of your hotels bills, You should be able to appreciate the person .”May be she did not understand the terms and conditions before joining the trip” he added in his statement When we asked him about the red carpet issue which also became one of the issues Juliet Ibrahim accused the organizers of, John narrated that to be able to get to the red carpet, you have to present a Film or you have to get a special invite. The movie stars from Ghana got their accreditation late .But after he came to Ghana; he was told Majid went on the Red carpet the same Day. Dumelo was quick to add that for all he knows they had a good time in France, They went to Paris Holland and met some International movie stars even though they did not talk to them. We also met some Top Producers and directors in the movie making world. When he was asked if there is any problem among the movie stars since there is always misunderstanding between them, he revealed there is no problem among the movie stars as people are portraying. “Actually, I will not say Juliet Ibrahim came to Ghana to lie or not, But I was very comfortable and I know my other pals were also comfortable” he noted Ghana sent a delegation comprising mostly the winners from the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards including Majid Michel, Juliet Ibrahim, and John Dumelo, Nadia Buari, Abdul Salam Mumuni and a host of others. They were also joined by Nigerian actress, Susan Peters of ‘Busting Out’ fame your social media marketing partner