Tall, dark-skinned model turned Nollywood actress and producer, Blessing Effiom-Egbe, took a leave from the movie industry few years ago to settle down and start a family. The mother of two, Michelle and Daniel, recently returned to the movie terrain, with a new flick which is fast creating a buzz. Armed with a degree in scriptwriting and film production from City Varsity in Cape Town, Blessing has five films to her credit; Before the Val and After the Val, , African Queen, The Rivals, Working the Lane and most recently Two Brides and a Baby. Amiable screen goddess and a graduate of Theatre Art, Blessing Egbe,in a recent interview opens up on real reason she kept her wedding ceremony away from the industry. She said; I don't like drama. Better still I like drama but I don't like my own drama to be seen. Most people didn't know I was married even my friends didn't know I was married. I went quietly to Calabar, did the traditional wedding, my friends in Calabar just got wind of it and they stormed the place and I was like who told you guys to come and one of them said, Blessing, what is wrong with you? Are you alright? And I said no, I just want something quiet. Even his family didn't understand it, as if I was running away from something, but no, I'm just like that. We had a court wedding; I said I didn't want a white wedding, he said why? I said I couldn't wear a wedding dress with a protruding tummy and he said but it doesn't matter and I said no, whenever I have a flat six-pack, we'll do it. Asked, if you weren't pregnant before your wedding, would you have had a white wedding;she said For the white wedding, yes, that was the reason I didn't have a white wedding because I was already pregnant. But that wasn't the reason it was low-key. During the traditional wedding my tummy wasn't big. It was just about three months, I mean I had The Rivals premiere just about that period. I was like two months-plus, nobody knew, I could have invited the whole crowd to come but I didn't. Well, I don't know. I guess I didn't want everybody to be on my business. I just think private matters should remain private.
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