On Sunday,January 1,2012,the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency(PPPRAA),a federal government agency,announced the removal of the controversial fuel subsidy by the Federal Government.Since then,Nigerians from all walks of life have been reacting and spoiling for a showdown. Nollywood actress,Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has joined millions of Nigerians to point out the ineptitude and unseriousness of President Goodluck Janathan’s government. The sexy actress today called out on Nigerian government to first and foremost curb the wasteful spending of maintaining government officials instead of making life unbearable for helpless citizens. Here are a few of her posers on twitter: Good morning all, let’s remind ourselves that this fight is bigger than subsidy. 1:-Govt is wasteful and not about service! Facts: 1:- 70 ministers! 2:-Over 20 special advisers! 3:-Every minister entitled to 4 special assistants! 4:-Senate President (David mark) earns 88million monthly!!! 4:-DEPUTY senate president earns 55million MONTHLY! 5:-1.4bILLION to maintain NASS, sans said 25% of GDP to feed people who work3 days a week 6:-Vice president Sambo,58 Million to buy newspapers. 7:-The office of Patience Jonathan 500million? 8:-About 500billion on international travels… 9:-Nigerian Governors show level of opulence not dared by presidents of richest nations of the world! 10:-In our 2012 budget, wait for this… We will borrow N1.6Trillion! A: NASS I’ll be paid from that! B: Aso Rock will take 1Billion naira for feeding! C: 1Billion to FUEL generators She also calls out on State Governors who collects N100 million monthly as security votes and hide under immunity clause with no public accountability. She also lists out what an average Nigerian have to go through to live a near-decent lifestyle. “While you have been a local govt,1. generating ur own light 2. Digging your own boreholes for water . 3.Even donating money to repair ur roads With no alternatives,you will pay more for petroleum products,your children are to keep sitting at home from strikes,you will pay tolls… And there’s still no power for your business to hope for survival! I am angry!are you?Do something NOW! #enoughisenough !#occcupyNigeria !”
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