Star actor Chris Attoh and Manuela are loosening up a bit on their willingness to let fans in on the fact they are dating. It may be the worst-kept secret in the entertainment industry, but until lately they rarely would let on with any clues that they were lovers. Chris has successfully shielded his love life from prying eyes,and made no news ever about romance with any lady. According to source, Chris and Manuela have been in the guarded relationship for some time now, but only few people close to them were aware of the relationship. Our investigations revealed that Manuela is Chris’s manager. We learnt they have been dating for close to 4 years and she recently took up the position as his manager. So madly in love with one another that they might be tying the knot soon. Rumour mongers have it that Chris is so proud of the pretty damsel that he has introduced her to his friends and family as the woman who not only makes him happy but also turned his life around. This development has led many to conclude that the relationship might be an altar bound. In a recent chat with a celebrity blog,Chris was quoted: “I’ve never had a problem declaring that, she’s my partner, my best friend and my Manager…. And we balance it all remarkably well” Not to worry we will keep you posted as events unfolds. your social media marketing partner