Dear Nuella, I saw the press release and i am still laughing…laughing because you did the right thing by standing up to defend yourself but you used the wrong words and you focused on the wrong topic. I was not the only blog who broke that story,infact i was the second person who broke the story and the other blog has other details you might also choose to respond to.. The story there is as follows ”When you see Nuella Njubigbo ride in her Toyota Highlander ,please know that it is Rivers state tax players money moving in Action as it was a gift from Rivers Governor Rotimi Amanechi for all the love she has been showering on him since they meet coincidentally through a desperate businessman looking from patronage from the Governor. Bon gathered that Nuella meet Gov Amanechi when a Desperate Contractor who have heard several tales of Gov Amanechi sex orgy with Nollywood stars including being a major contributing factor to the collapse of the marriage of a Big Nollywood star who also fell apart from her friend who is a divorce and has a record of being Nollywood serial lover who went behind her to sleep with the deep pocket Governor, The plan between the contractor and Nuella was for her to hook the Governor during the presentation and thereafter help convince the Governor to go on with deal,Plan A worked well as the Governor liked Nuella and they exchanged numbers but plan b completely failed as Nuella just hooked on to the Governor and forgot the contractor,we learnt that part of the goodies Nuella had benefited from Gov Amanechi is her Toyota Highlander taken from the pool of cars which was supposed to be given to Govt officials and she reportedly got 5m late November,Twice she has also been on the Govt delegation Aboard.” I will tender my apology at the end of this memo no doubt but first i want to tackle some issues that you pointed out in your press release.Note that my response has nothing to do with ”pulling you down further”,i am only trying one last attempt like a drowning fish to rescue my name that you called out in your release….i want to state here categorically that i am not a babalawo,hence your reference to ”the writers concoction of lies was a misfire”. let me start from the beginning. I am so sorry for not contacting you before i released my story concerning you and the south south governor,i guess that was a misfire on my side but the thing is i am tired of the lies told by you and your ilk when called to confirm a story…biko forgive me for that. I never claimed or wrote anywhere that nuella lives in the east with a nollywood producer.i reported last year that Actress Nuella was in a neck deep relationship with movie producer tchidi chikere and that he had moved out of his home into hers.they came out with a press release denying that anything of such was happening. I hinted the actress may be pregnant and her flat tummy prove me wrong. The publicist of that press release confirmed that relationship and even said the producers wife was the reason her marriage crashed,the publicist also corrected me that Nuella was not pregnant. Before i broke the report of Nuellas affiar with Tchidi which was an open secret,they had been dating for many months before the report and tchidi was a known face at her abode in Lagos. The second man i reported she dated was international footballer Emmanuel…. whom she visited briefly in Russia.If she claims she did not go to Russia to drink tea then so be it but thank God she did not break the footballers relationship to someone else. I quote ”The writer should be bold enough to say publicly what axe she has to grind with Nuella rather than hide behind the noble profession of journalism to execute her cheap hatchet job. An open declaration of her true intentions will probably confer on her some measure of respect which she desperately needs to salvage her dwindling career fortunes. Journalism is not for rumour mongers. We know it is her stock in trade to blackmail rising stars and ‘A-listers’ who are mostly her friends until they come and pay ‘homage’. We won’t be blackmailed under any circumstance.” This is my Response to this below the belt comment towards me. WHAT DWINDLING FORTUNE?WHAT DWINDLING CAREER?I HAVE BEEN WRITING FOR 12YRS AND I WILL NOT WRITE FOREVER..NUELLA WILL NOT ACT FOREVER TOO:::AND WHAT IS MY BUSINESS WITH NUELLA? OF COURSE I AM A GOSSIP WRITER AND I HAVE NEVER CLAIMED TO BE OTHERWISE,IF YOU GET HIT DONT GET PERSONAL BY SAYING I AM BLACKMAILING YOU,PLEASE PROVIDE PROOF OF BLACKMAIL FROM ANYONE IN NOLLYWOOD THAT I HAVE SENT. THIS IS THE RECENT BABASH BY NOLLYWOOD PEOPLE AND THEIR EMERGENCY PUBLICISTS….WHEN A STORY EMERGES THEY SCREAM BLACKMAIL…IF BLACKMAIL IS MY STOCK IN TRADE THEN HUSBAND SNATCHING IS YOURS NUELLA….REPENT AND I WILL BE RIGHT BEHIND YOU! IF NUELLA IS PAID OVER N500k PER SCRIPT TO ACT THEN SOMEBODY MUST BE PRINTING FAKE MONEY,CAN WE SEE PROOF OF WHO HAS PAID HER ANY AMOUNT RANGING UP TO 100k TO ACT?….I REPEAT THAT THE CAR WAS A GIFT FROM HER SOUTH SOUTH GOVERNOR BOYFRIEND,HOWEVER I AM SORRY IF MY STORY HAS SPOILT THE NECK DEEP ROMANCE. NUELLA IF YOU CLAIM YOU DID NOT VISIT THE GOVERNOR WITH A CERTAIN YOUNG MAN WHO HAD BUSINESS PROPOSALS WITH THE GOVERNOR AND TOOK YOU ALONG AS BLING BLING THEN I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY. —I DONT WANT TO DRAG ISSUES BUT DOES ANY PAGE ON YOUR INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT SHOW THAT YOU TRAVELLED TO GHANA IN NOVEMBER 2012?WHO WITH? IF YOU CLAIM ITS A CONCOCTION OF MY LIES,PROVE IT. —–DID YOU HAVE A SHOUTING MATCH WITH YOUR PRODUCER LOVER OVER YOUR SMS EXCHANGE WITH THE SOUTH SOUTH GOVERNOR OR NOT? CHECK YOUR SMS IF YOU HAVENT DELETED THEN CHECK ALL YOUR FRIENDS, ONE OR PROBABLY BOTH IS LEAKING. —–IN DECEMBER 2012 WHEN HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS DID YOU BOAST TO THEM THAT AFTER THE ‘JEEP’ THE NEXT THING TO COLLECT IS A HOUSE. TRY TO REMEMBER EVERYONE YOU HUNG OUT ON THIS DAY NUELLA.THERE MUST BE A HOLE OR IT MUST BE ANOTHER OF MY CONCOCTIONS. I APOLOGISE FOR BLOWING THE LID OFF YOUR SECRET ROMANCE(S)HOWEVER THE GOSSIP THING I DO GIVES ME NO ROOM TO THINK TWICE. I AM INDEED SORRY FOR THE EMBARRASSMENT THE STORY MUST HAVE CAUSED YOU AND YOUR LOVER. IF YOU CHOSE TO SEEK LEGAL REDRESS, I MAY HAVE TO RECOMMEND THAT YOU TRY RADICAL LAWYER FESTUS KEYAMO, HE IS GOOD IN HELPING LIARS WIN CASES OF SUCH AND PUTTING SHAMELESS;’DWINDLING FORTUNE AND CAREER JOURNALISTS’ LIKE ME TO SHAME. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU NUELLA/PRESTIGE MEDIA. Click the link below to go to... 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