‘’ The world pins no medals On you for what you know But it may crown you with Glory and riches for what you do’’—Napoleon Hill As a matter of fact, Nollywood comprises of theatre practitioners or to say artistes performs with English language and those that performs with Igbo, Hausa and notably Yoruba languages. Without any fear of contradictions, Nollywood is an organization that is being blessed with many talented artistes, but the organization is also being populated with many pretty ladies and handsome guys. Honestly, among the beautiful ladies of Nollywood, is one young lady known as Omotola Ekeinde, popularly know as Omosexy. Although Nollywood may not have a king, but I want to say that Omotola deserves the position of Queen of Nollywood. Truly speaking, the like of Joke Silva, Peju Ogunmola, Ngozi Ezeonu, Taiwo Hassan, Idowu Phillip, Rachael Oniga, Fiberesima, Genevive Nnaji etc. have contributed enormously to the growth of Nollywood. But, I strongly believe that, Omotola should be crowned the Queen of Nollywood, not only because she is beautiful, after all we have many beautiful ladies in Nollywood. For instance, Uche Iwuji, Fiberesima ,Nkiru Sylvanus , Moji Olaiya, Mercy Johnson, Chioma Akpotha, Hibert Queenet, Sola Kosoko, Laide Bakare, Buky Wright, Danjuma Caroline, Monalisa Chinda , Ini Edo, Chika Ike, Eucharia Anuobi, Shan George, Nnena Yinka, Mercy Aigbe etc But as far as am concerned, Omotola is the most beautiful. Omotola is angelic, magnetic, seductive, and extra ordinarily charming, extremely elegant, delectable, captivating, gorgeous and sophisticated. Honestly, to every sane person, Omotola is a flower of adoration and highly irresistible. Omotola is not just pretty, but she is a paradigm of beauty and embodiments of good looking. Her beauty is paragon, natural and unique; her stature is amazing and uncommon. She is a toast of every eye, and her look is a dream of every man. Omotola, among her contemporary in Nollywood, she stands tall and raises her shoulder high, she is like a peacock in the midst of birds, a zebra among animals, a moon amongst the stars, and a star in the galaxy. Omotola is like a precious pearl, a priceless diamond, brightening like a moon, and shinning like a star. Infact, more than any of her colleagues, Omosexy has large followers on internet and in real life. Because, Omotola more than any one, is a cynosure of every eye. If she turn her back on you, no matter what, you would be carried away and lost in thought, if she face you, you will open your mouth unable to close it and you will begin to wonder, whether she is a human being or a goddess of the coast. In fact, her beauty is superfluous, Omotola is not just glamorous or superbly beautiful but, she is a goddess of beauty Omotola , talents, beauty and contributions to Nollywood was recognized by renowned international magazine, know as TIMES MAGAZINE. Omotola was listed among 100 most influential peoples in the world. Omotola was in shoulder to shoulder with female giants, like Oprah Winfrey, Maria Bashir- a legal giant, who in 2010 handled 87 cases on behalf of Afghanistan’s victim of domestic abuses. Dilma Rousseff the president of Brazil, Angela Markel- German chancellor since year 2005, Cecile Richard- former U. S deputy chief of staff and a leading voice for change, in radical attack on women’s health and reproductive freedom, Michelle Rhee- a former chancellor of Washington D. C and an advocate for school reforms. Aruna Roy an Indian leading voice for social justice. Michelle Obama, a lawyer and U. S incumbent first lady etc. To be frank, if all the said assertion, are not enough to qualify Omotola as the queen of Nollywood. It’s expedient to remind her critics or opponents for the position, that Omotola is one of the few, that combining music with drama and doing both competently. She has been invited more than once to play in international stage. But to me, what gives Omotola final lead, is the matrimonial harmony and stability she has been enjoying since she got married to her heartthrob Captain Ekeinde . Lest we forget, most of the beautiful actresses in Nollywood are divorcee, some with many kids from different fathers, many did not even spent up to five years in their matrimonial home, before they received red card from their husband. Whereas Omotola had spent more than 18 years in her matrimonial home, gave birth to four kids and still counting years, as if she has just stated living therein. Honestly, apart from marital stability and harmony that is reigning supreme between Omotola and her hubby. Omotola has maintained an absolute fidelity and total devotion to the union. She has subdued uncountable temptations that wanted to distract her from the path of honor and dignity, despite that those agents of such temptations are men of timber and caliber, men of mover and shaker, men from the top, men of affluence and men from the corridor of power In fact, if there is an organization that combine Gollywood and Nollywood . Omotola, without any hesitation should be crowned their Queen, a woman like Omotola is rare, a lady of her caliber in Nollywood is uncommon. Blessed be to the womb that carried her, envious and kudos goes to the man that have her, I hail the family that produced her, and indescribable luck goes to those children for having a virtuous woman and a jewel of inestimable quality that beyond market value like her, as their mother. Photo:Daniel Sync/ RedHot Concepts © 2014 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... Ini Edo Pregnant Or Not? 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