Nollywood actress cum entrepreneur Monalisa Chinda doesn't really need introduction any longer, since she broke out with her major movie ‘Pregnant Virgin’, which she did in 1996. She have since starred in many other movies after that and now have a luxury magazine to herself, in a recent interview, she talks about her relationship with Lanre Nzeribe whom she said is only a friend to her. Talking about herself “I am the firstborn in a family of two sons and four daughters. I was brought up in a very lovely family. My late father was a great man and my mother is a very prayerful woman. She instilled sound values in us. I’m also blessed with siblings who are doing great in their respective fields, but none of them is into acting. Monalisa has a lot of plans for 2014 “There is so much more to Monalisa than meets the eye. There is actually more to everyone than anyone could ever know because we all have what it takes to exceed our wildest dreams. We only limit ourselves in our minds. She admits she doesn't dwell in bad press “There is no career without its flaws and there is no claiming a prize without paying a price. I have had my share of bad press and I’m prepared for what lies ahead on my journey to destiny. Thankfully, I don’t dwell much on regressive thoughts, so there is no need talking about that. And she denies anything romantic with Lanre “That is a personal decision. Some things are private— they are not meant to be discussed on the pages of newspapers. Lanre Nzeribe is only a friend and I won’t say more than that. -Sunday Punch © 2014 Click the link below to go to... Top 5 Ghanaian Celebrities Accused Of Bleaching Their Skin Yvonne Okoro Confirms That Yvonne Nelson Bleaches Alleged Robbery: Nollywood Actress, Yetunde Akilapa Discharged And Acquitted How My Friends Set Me Up -Recently Released Actress, Yetunde Akilapa Reveals Nollywood Actress,Yetunde Akilapa, Sent To Kirikiri prison in Apapa, Lagos More On YETUNDE AKILAPA your social media marketing partner