Nollywood’s actor, Ik Ogbonna’s girlfriend, Sonia Lareinaa, has called on ladies to get a qualitative education in other to become the best they can be in life. The Colombian beauty took to her social media page to urge ladies that getting a diploma certificate is important which will enable them employ people in their company in future. “Ladies go get that diploma, its important- them bitches will need u tomorrow to give them decent jobs with decent salaries #Feed Them Bitches Movement,” she wrote. Meanwhile, of recent, Sonia and her actor boyfriend, IK, have been having a nice time on the social media page as they keep looking out for each other. ikogbonna: Hello mrs @sonialareinaa OGBONNA can I get your Number? Maybe I can call u for a date or something sonialareinaa: @ikogbonna omg u so thirsty i pity ur wife ikogbonna: @sonialareinaa I am sure she wld understand lalalicious55: Hey @ikogbonna if she wasn't so trimmed and beautiful would want to take her on a date hehehe ikogbonna: @lalalicious55 she has a more beautiful heart and personality than the beautiful girl u see .. So your answer is yes a billion times.© your social media marketing partner