She is undoubtedly the first female stand-up comedienne in Nigeria. Mandy Uzonitsha had her name registered in the minds of entertainment lovers many years ago, when she distinguished herself in the showbiz world. The Political Science graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, in a recent interview with Yes Magazine, opened a can of worms on her ex-husband, Willie Workman Okwori, while also making shocking revelations that the man is not the real father of her 10-year old daughter. At 43, the rib cracker, who maintained that she has not had s3x for eight years now, also stated categorically that even Jesus can't restore her broken marriage. "Nothing will bring both of you together again… No; not even when Jesus comes and plans the wedding Himself," she declared. On the paternity of her beautiful daughter she had shortly after the marriage crashed, Mandy said, "He’s not the father of my child! Most people do not know. He’s not the father of my child! Because that was one of the reasons I left! ‘She couldn’t have a child’, he said. One of the reasons I heard – ‘she no fit born; she no fit’! I was one of the people that got pregnant, I was shouting, I get belle o! What I ordinarily do not do, because I’m a very, very quiet person. I keep to myself, I don’t like gbra, gbra, gbra. “One of the things they were saying I can’t do; one of the things he told people, one of the things he said was that…But you know, when you are not God, you know someone’s medical history, you say eh!, e get blocked tube o, e get dis, e get dat. When you are not God, you have to be careful! That’s just it. “So, I’m very grateful to God for the daughter to shut people’s mouths; I’m very grateful to God for He didn’t put me to shame; I’m very grateful to God because He loves me. I’m a Christian, he’s forgiven. I’ve moved on, I’m sure he’s moved on. “He started spreading the rumours, because nobody knew my medical history; he knew my medical history," she continued. Having been tagged a ‘barren woman’, the comedy mama was over filled with joy when she later become a proud mother. "I love my daughter, I talk about my daughter everywhere. Most people on Facebook know my daughter’s name – that her name is April. Everybody knows my daughter. I talk about her; it’s not something I hide. “I don’t know if you understand me. She’s my joy, she’s my everything. It’s something that people thought could never happen in my life, and then God gave me.” Mandy seems contented with the joy her only daughter brings to her and had since waved aside the thoughts of having more babies. "I’m 40 – something. This year now, I go be 43. For what? You no dey pity me? You wan make I born mumu? Retard, all those kind children. Because when you grow older, the tendency of you having such kids will happen. You should know that," she said. However, she still keeps mum on the identity of the real father of her daughter, April. "Sealed lips. We don’t talk about that one. Whether a married man or single man, em…we still don’t talk about that. Because we don’t know if he’s married to me or he’s married to someone else. That’s why we don’t talk about it. Everybody close your mouth there," she said. your social media marketing partner