There have been comparisons between Ice Prince and MI as to who the best rapper is. These assessments have been made by the respective fans and pundits. Even recently, when the issue came up, Ice Prince was furious and warned that he should not be compared with the man that showed him the way in the industry. Ice Prince and MI see each other as brothers, having stayed together in Jos, Plateau State some years ago before relocating to Lagos, where Ice Prince was introduced into the Chocolate City family, where MI is the Vice Chairman. Victoria Kimani, a Kenya singer signed on to Chocolate City, has disclosed that while Ice Prince is the best, MI is the king. Victoria grew up in the city of angels called Los Angeles before moving back to Africa. She recently spoke on her experience so far in music industry and how she has enjoyed life as a Choc City artiste. "My father is a musician who played the guitar. Mom listens to a lot of music and that was how I started singing. She would play gospel music around the house and ask me to sing along. And that was I got to start music," she said of her background. Speaking on how she joined the music industry, Victoria said, ”I finished school at a young age and we moved back to my homeland, Kenya. While I was in Kenya, I began singing backups for popular artiste, Mercy Myra. And we started touring as one thing led to another," . She said apart from doing music, she is a ”very creative person. I like to write scripts for music videos. I like to think about fashion, to come up with different fashion ideas." "I do. Nigerian dishes, I cook pepper soup, Egusi soup and both are my favorite soups. I was really a local (girl). I live very close to a certain market, we could be buy the food and had to adapt. Some things you don't forget. I enjoy cooking without a doubt," she boasted about her kitchen skills. On her style of music, Victoria said, ”I have Rhythm and Blues background. When I go back to home to Kenya, the sound changes. I sing Afro-Pop then." "To be honest, there is always someone I wrote for among these internationals because they appreciate what I do. It is also very humbling to me that these guys like my sounds. It makes me to know that I will keep growing, keep pushing because there are no limits," she recalled her experience of working with top American music artistes. "I probably move around for my music. Everywhere I go, I pick up something. I learn new things. Everywhere in different and I put it in my music. "Working in Chocolate City is the best? They are amazing. It's a team of people who genuinely want to see the African dream come to past. They are a record label that can blend Hip Hop, Pop music or Afro Pop to get bigger and bigger.” Ice Prince in the best in the game, M.I Abaga is the king. It's awesome,” she said of her experience with her record label. According to her, "It's a world take over in music. We will like to see our music playing everywhere. We will want to do our music in Europe, Dubai or Japan, everywhere. There is no excuse why it can't happen." your social media marketing partner