For every Artiste, there's always an ever green moment in his or her career, for Delta State-born Harrison Okiri aka Harrysong who is currently signed on to Five Star Music, he can't easily forget the day he was paid whopping sum of N5million Naira to perform for 5mins. "The highest amount I have been paid to perform would be N5million for five minutes," he said. He also talked about the songs that brought him to limelight and have given him the most fame. " All my songs did well. I am in love with all of them, but I think it started from Better Pikin upwards. I have done quite a lot of songs. Music is my life. I cannot do one song and the next year, no one hears about me. People will keep hearing about me over the years. This is my life and what I do. I am a writer and I record every day." The 'I'm love' crooner' revealed the source of his inspiration, "Music is my life and it is a beautiful thing for me. I grew up to become a man from what my mum taught me. I learnt to focus on my hustle. It is challenging because there are a lot of people doing the same thing. The ability to stand out is by the grace of God. I have been doing music before the profit came. It has never been for the money. The profit started coming because I had done it for quite a while and paid my dues. I got to the stage where the money had no choice than to come in. I faced challenges of acceptance and there was no money to promote my music. I did not have a platform to stand on," he said. your social media marketing partner