Nollywood actress, Florence Onuma, says she is happier in the new role she played in a soon-to-be aired drama series, ‘Akpos and Company.’ The actress, who acted as Lovina, the mother of Akpos and as an old soldier’s wife, told Tribune that her fans will see another character she has never played before. "The drama series, more of a comedy, will be aired soon and my fans will see me in a new light. I have never acted a comic role before not even one as hilarious as ‘Akpos & Company’. “I played the role of Lovina, who loves her children so dearly and would guide them against any form of vices. I also have two children in real life but I’m not money-conscious as I was portrayed by Lovina in the drama. Fans should watch out for ‘Akpos & Company’. The director really drilled us”, she said. your social media marketing partner