Former beauty queen and wife of Nigeria Footballer, Adaeze Yobo, is a proud mother of a baby boy. She and her husband has already named the new born, Jaden. The happy mother and father announced the birth of their son in a very unique way. She confirmed the birth of her son who arrived on 31st March around 7:57AM. She said, "You have made my life so beautiful Lord. Thankful. One with God is a majority. Joy unspeakable." Her husband, Joseph Yobo, dressed in hospital garb which had inscriptions written on it, giving the details of the birth of their son and a stamp of the baby's feet silhouette. The Yobos got married in 2010 in Jos after a brief courtship, In 2014, she was ranked the 4th Most Beautiful African Wife of Sportsmen by Richlifestyle your social media marketing partner