Being so good at one's career will often draw comparison with one against the Legendary status and Nigerian singer, 2face Idibia, has expressed cautions when he is referred to as a legend. The multiple-award winning singer says he is watchful of the comparison. 2face said, "It is always a very heavy responsibility, and sometimes, I get scared of being addressed as a legend. I am still trying to get there, but they already address me as one. It is nice though." Known for his humble attitude, the 'African Queen' crooner attributed his humility to God and states for a peaceful electoral process through this season. "I always talk about one love; and this is what it boils down to. We should respect each other’s choices. The people they are killing for are somewhere enjoying themselves… No matter who wins, they will still come together and celebrate. Let us respect each other’s choices. We should not allow people kill themselves needlessly." your social media marketing partner