One name that rings a bell to most ardent followers of Nollywood is Fred Amata. The actor from the Amata film dynasty ruled the industry in the 90s and at over 50, he is not ready to call it quit to the industry that gave him fame and fortune. Apart from the movies, one thing that some of his fans still remember him for is his marriage to television personality, Agatha Amata, which crashed some years ago. That came as a shock to some of his fans, who never expected it. But since then, the actor has not remarried and going by a recent interview, the handsome Fred Amata still has his eyes on marriage. Speaking with Thisday, the light-skinned actor revealed that he will disclose the identity of the lady he intends to marry. When asked if he will still give marriage another shot, he said, “Yes, I will remarry but I am taking my time. Even the Bible says it’s not good for a man to be alone and that is the main reason why I need a woman in my life. Life is a gradual process; I am not in a hurry to settle down, but I will surely remarry.” “I will marry my friend. So my future wife must be my friend –someone who loves me, for who I am; someone who can tolerate me," he added. Fred said he is still in good relationship with his children, who he said he loves equally. © 2015 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publisher © 2015 your social media marketing partner