Veteran actress, Hilda Dokubo, is back on the screens after staying off the scene for a while. She made her comeback in a movie titled ‘Stigma’, which was premiered recently at an event held in Lagos. ‘Stigma’ is an advocacy flick, which showcases the plight of persons living with HIV/AIDS and further revealing how such people can be helped to live more comfortable lives by showering them with love and care. Speaking with The Nation at the screening of the movie, Hilda revealed that ‘Stigma’ stands out in its way of exposing the humiliation of living with the dreaded disease in the society. She said, "People have done movies about how we can contact HIV AIDS, living with HIV AIDS but we have hardly done anything on what happens after people have contracted the virus and how people could deal with living with it." Click:Chinese rail firm signs $3.5 billion worth of deals in Ogun The actress further said, "Stigmatization is a killer. It just means rejection as a result of it. And when people reject the victims, it is the same as showing hate. When people show you hate, you cannot grow. "Hate is negative energy. You cannot tap any kind of strength from rejection or from hate. But you can tap a lot of strength from love and that is what is special about this." In the movie, Hilda played the role of a mother who contracted the virus and transferred it to her daughter. She later died of rejection while her daughter went on to live in love and acceptance. Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner