Not only are these Nigerian artistes positively influencing the immediate society but their songs have become a source of inspiration to want to live life to the fullest. Nigeria's High Life artiste, Flavour's kind of music has been described as having the power of life for Jamaican citizen, Sophine Dauphin after listening to his music. The woman said, "Learning to play "dance" was my way to find the flavour power to win against giving up life, against death, against lack of respect of people. It gave me the power to win Joy of living. Thank you dear Flavour for your divine music.It helped me so much to win on despair." She also praised the effect of the songs of Solid Star, "Don't you feel alive when you listen to him? Big thanks to Solid Star for his so good, good music. Each sound of this magnificent song marvels me." your social media marketing partner