Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo, during the Muslim Ramadan celebration, has disclosed that she is not a religious fanatic like some people seems to be noting that anyone who is a fanatic lacks faith in God. The actress stated that she loves and respects other people’s tradition and beliefs but stressed that she is more of a spiritual being than religious. According to her, “Any religious fanaticism is worse than the lack of belief & faith in God. I love the good in all religions and respect people's religious beliefs. But, I'm more of a spiritual being rather than religious. I have one God who has no religion! My spiritual journey has faith, discipline, courage, devotion & patience, though not perfect, I don't see the entire path, but I belief He is ONE God, He IS not two.” Biodun who has had a bad scandal relating to an alleged [email protected] affair with her actress friend, Wuraola Gold, has pushed whatever crisis trailing her aside as she goes about her business and career with so much ease. your social media marketing partner