She first gained the consciousness of many music lovers in Nigeria when she featured in P-Square’s smash hit single, ‘Do Me’ some years ago. Thereafter, she went underground and later bounced back. Since then, Waje has remained one of the major forces to be reckoned with in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The singer, who began her career from her church choir, disclosed that she no longer sings in the choir. She explained why she took the decision to leave the choir. Hear her; “I go to church but I have not sung in the church for a long time now. I think the last time I sang in the church was in 2013. I still sing in my church once in a while, but not in the choir. “I sing when I am invited to sing a special number with the choir. I attend This Present House. I prefer not to be in the choir because I want to be free.” “You know we are all human beings and most times, we judge even when we do not mean to. I want to be free in the house of God, so that any day I want to cry to my God, I can lie at the altar and cry without anyone wondering whether this is Waje or not,” she added. your social media marketing partner