Veteran Nigerian broadcaster-cum-actor, Sadiq Daba, has disclosed that he can never partake in a movie that has three parts. According to him, he is not cut-out for such, despite the fact that he needs money to keep body and soul moving. The former NTA presenter also said he is not fully back into acting, but selects the scripts he wants to act in. “I’m not fully back into acting. I act when my friends have a good script and they invite me. It’s not like my 7am to 5pm kind of work. I do it sometimes. “For example, I featured in October 1. It was a fantastic script and I like the story. But then, you don’t see me doing ‘part one’, ‘part two’ and ‘To God be the glory’ kind of movies. I won’t do that," he told Punch in an interview. Sadiq Baba further said, "I cannot because people do it, then join them because I want money. In my house, I have stack of scripts, I pick and choose. That I want money does not mean I would sell my respect or my birth right because I have a duty to people. For some of those movies, it is tomfoolery from the beginning to the end." your social media marketing partner