Alhaji Abdulsalam Sanyaolu a.k.a Charles Olumo Agbako is a well-known Yoruba actor, who recently turned 90. Though no longer a regular face on the tube obviously due to old age, he is still an actor those in the industry run to for advice when things get confusing. Agbako said he can no longer do things he used to do when he was younger, which made him a darling to many. The actor, who was rumoured to be critically down with stroke some years back, told City People in an interview affirmed the tale, saying that he could not do anything then but it was only God that saw him through the period, which he said lasted for six months. Agbako also disclosed that he recently had a car accident in his compound, which almost got him blind. The actor added that he believes no one can kill him. “I don’t want to believe that anyone can still kill me. I recently had a terrible accident in my compound after I had announced a date for my 90th birthday. I was sightless for a few seconds and I hit a shop in my compound, the vehicle is there right now as we speak and that is why I am left without any a car,” he said. your social media marketing partner