Gloria Johnson is a Nollywood actress who was involved in a fatal accident few months ago that has kept her away from the screen. The actress who is back and better in an interview with the Nations newspaper has made it known that she can’t give up her career for any man because her job as been there for her before the emergence of any man and she has come a long way with her job with the help of God. “My career is my everything. My career and I have been through a lot already. We have to always hold on together. That is the one thing that keeps me going. I am proud of it and grateful to God for His grace to be selected among the few to excel in it. Sincerely I do not think I can give up my job for any relationship.” She said any man that wants a relationship with her, will have to give her all the support she needs to excel in the job and appreciate her job. “My man has to appreciate and of course love what I do. He has to understand my job, and by his grace, God will strengthen us with wisdom to support it and go through together like it should be. Our love will conquer all.” Speaking on her accident, she described it as a good and sad experience and she thank God for sparing her life to be back on her feet because the mishap almost claimed her life. your social media marketing partner