Yoruba actress, Ireti Osayemi, to a large extent has gained lots of respect for herself in the movie industry which has made many with the way she composes herself. Married, the actress is not that perfect woman but she has been able to hold her head high as she has been able to stay scandal free. She disclosed to Punch that despite being married, men still disturb her with various mouth watering promises. Ireti said, “It is not as if I go out of my way to avoid scandals. I try my best to stay out of trouble. I don’t dispute the fact that I have admirers but I try my best to let them know that ‘this room is booked’. I tell some people that are persistent with their advances that I am a married woman and I would never cheat on my partner. “Some men don’t care and they also say that they are married. But I know what I want for myself. If you want to stay away from scandals, then you face your family. But if you don’t care about your name or reputation, then you throw caution into the wind. I try my best to shy away from scandals,” she added.
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