The club the entertainment impresario, Don Jazzy is running tucked inside the prestigious E Centre in Yaba is one of the most patronized lounges in the Mainland at the moment. The beautiful watering hole which has become a toast of every fun seeker in Lagos, we learnt, always welcomes Mo’Hits crew led by their boss, Don Jazzy mostly on Fridays. Rumour has it that Don Jazzy has been identified with a dirty habit of changing girls like clothe. We gathered that he loves to bring different girls to the VIP lounge of the exotic dance/wine bar on a regular basis. “He doesn’t repeat the girls. The one for this week will be different from the one for the following week; in fact, all the workers at the wine/dance bar have already tagged him ‘Ma Gbe Tana’ meaning he doesn’t carry yesterday girl.” We were informed. your social media marketing partner