Pornographic movie sellers are currently having a good time as more Nigerians especially married women are patronising them. Though the film sellers were raided late last year by the Lagos State Task Force headed by Supol. Bayo Suleiman, they are back in full force at various bus stops. The raid even led the task Force to the Alaba International Market where it is believed the films, popularly called blue films, are churned out on a daily basis. As a result of the raid, the film sellers started selling the materials secretly without displaying them. But recently, they have started displaying the films with their packs exposing uncensored photographs of nude men and women making love. Some of the films with titles such as Soiled Finger, Blue Edge, Excessive Backyard, Brown Sugar, Thick Asses, American Mapouka, Hairy Jezebels, are conspicuously displayed at various film stands on walk ways and bus stops in Lagos. Investigation revealed that married women are the highest buyers of the films. This, according to John Ike, who sells CDs and DVDs under the bridge in Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos State, South-West Nigeria, is because most of the women are now too scared of losing their husbands who might resort to sleeping outside with younger girls. Emphasising this fact, Dayo Ojo, who sells such movies around Ayobo area of the state, said that the number of married women who patronise him on a daily basis for such films exceeds that of his other customers. “I go to Alaba once in two days to buy at least 100 copies of the films and I sell them all. Most of those who visit me are married women. I have a particular customer, a married female banker, who cannot do without buying four CDs weekly. “She is very fat and always wants the films that feature women of such size and I think she learns from them,” he said. Egbeda is another area where nude movies are sold openly. A visit to the area revealed the interest such married women have about the movie especially in the evenings when it is getting dark. Here young ladies patronise the sellers too. Another seller, who did not want his name mentioned confided in P.M.NEWS that they buy the films at between N60 and N80 and then resell each at between N100 and N200. Asked about the sales, he said, “our customers buy these films more than they buy other films. Ask other film sellers and they would confirm to you what I have just said.” He said most of his customers are women who only come to buy the film when it is dark. “I have a customer who told me she was warned by the husband to learn how to ‘do it better’ or he would start going to get it outside. “Since then, she has not stopped patronising me but I try to test the films and select the ones she would like and when she comes, I just give them to her and she pays me the amount,” he said. Another seller around under the bridge in Ikeja corroborated the claim that married women patronise the film sellers most. Asked why this was so, he retorted: “Do you want their homes to be taken over by these young girls on the street? “Our girls these days can send any man running after them after satisfying the man the way their wives would not, and you know that most men behave like Oliver Twist, who keeps asking for more. “Forget religion, they just want to measure up for their husbands.” Though most of the women who were seen buying the films declined comment, a few of them, however, said the world had grown past the dark ages where the women are made to remain excessively quiet for fear of being tagged ‘spoilt’. A woman who gave her name simply as Mrs Ade, told P.M.NEWS that she started buying the films after she almost broke up with her husband who constantly complained that she was not good in bed. “For almost one year, my husband did not sleep with me. He was always complaining about my inability to work on him. “After several efforts to change his perception, a friend introduced me to the films. He is now the person asking for it because I give it to him left, right and centre.”Another woman, who did not want her name mentioned, said she decided to start buying sex videos right from the day she caught her husband with her own friend. “Before now, I was this missionary style person. I did not know the joy in trying to experiment, but when I caught the woman on top of my husband, riding him like a horse, I developed myself before I would become a single parent,” she said. Though she said she was a Christian, she, however, argued that even marriage counselors advise intending couples on the role of sex in marriage and how the woman should ensure that her husband does not look at other women outside. “Apart from good food, good sex is a way to reach your husband. Don’t you see how young girls threaten other people’s marriages these days? It is because they have trained themselves in the art. “I don’t pretend about it. I try the styles I see in the movies with my husband and we have remained happy,” she added. P.M.NEWS investigation also revealed that the sex video sellers could not bear the ban on display of the films as it resulted in dwindling fortunes for them. According to some of the sellers who spoke with P.M.NEWS, most of the buyers feel ashamed to ask the sellers if they have such films for sale. “They rather want people to believe they are responsible and then peruse what you have without finding the courage to ask you for such films,” said Emeka Ibe, a graduate of Mass Communication, who found his way into the business due to lack of job. He added that when such customers visit the various stands where such movies are displayed, “they just look at them, pick the ones that catch their fancy and pay you. They hardly discuss with you when buying blue films.” Ibe, like every other seller around the Pen Cinema area of the state, waits till the Task Force officials would have closed from official duties before displaying the materials late in the evening. Other areas where the films were seen displayed included Abule-Egba, Igando, Ikotun, Obalende and Ketu. However, when contacted, the head of Task Force, Bayo Suleiman, said though he knows some of the sellers would flout the law by displaying the films, the Task Force would only act if he received a text message stating the actual areas where the sellers publicly display the sex videos. your social media marketing partner