If the gist reaching the ears of Society Plus has a good stink to it the estranged Nollywood top actress and Glo ambassador, Monalisa Chinda’s lonely nights may just be coming to an end. That is, if she’s not already wallowing in it already. Before you start running your mind rag, this is not about her publicised Henry guy, who many felt was ample enough to soothe the pains left by her ex, Dejo Richard, this is a new guy on the block who happens to be in the trade too. The gist is that Monalisa has got a thing for this matinee dude, called Joseph Benjamin, who got his big break as a sidekick presenter on MTN Project Fame West Africa Season II. This guy who now features on a soap ‘Tinsel’ running on Dstv is said to be in with the actress on a more than business tango unlike the “Tango With Me” flick he shot with Genevieve Nnaji. The word is that these two are running like rug rats and might already be doing what the minks do. The public got a hint of what might have been brewing between this two when they were all over each other at the launch of ‘Jara’ an Mnet television flick to showcase the behind-the-scene lifestyle of Nollywood stars. Both Monalisa and Joseph could not just live it down as they snuggled and giggled, nestling so close together all evening.
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