THE Centre for Excellence in Film and Media Studies and Amaka Igwe Studios will hold a two-week screenwriting, producing and directing workshop as from May 9. Classes will hold on Mondays to Fridays and it attracts a workshop fee of N50,000 per participant. Who’s a Screenwriter? Script appreciation, Finding the Story, The Film story, Story Development, Dialogue , Writing for film and writing for Television, Characterisation, Plot and Conflict and Understanding Genre are some of the screenwriting courses that will be covered at the workshop that will have Amaka Igwe as lead facilitator. For Producing; Who is a producer? What is producing? Breaking down a script, Shooting on time and budget, working with a director and crew, production project management. Creative producing, fundraising, Sponsorship and strategy are the courses to be taught. The aspiring directors will be taught directing; Who is a Director? Shot by Shot, Casting, Grammar of Directing, Planning the Shoot, Handling Cast and Crew, Geography of Shots, Shot Composition, Blocking and Choreography, Camera Placement, Directing Talent and Shooting for Edit. However, all those specialising in screenwriting will be expected to complete the screenplay for a short film during the workshop while those for directing will be expected to shoot a short film. your social media marketing partner