Those of you who have cars that have cruise control, you'll know what I am talking about. when you leave the car to just cruise along. You push the coast button and it goes. We have actors like that. the ones who have never made a memorable movie. The ones who are stars but you simply cannot put a finger on any good movie they have done. All their movie choices end up being trash. Thanks to Miss Tilli for some names and terms. There are actors you remember for their movies. Like Genevieve Nnaji for Sharon stone, or Ini Edo for Worlds Apart, Liz Benson for Glamor Girls, Omotola for Mortal Inheritance, RMD for keeping faith, Kanayo for all the ritual films, Pete Edochie, Charles Okafor for Igodo, Nkiru Sylvanous A cry for help etc. But some of these actress, Queen Nwokoye Now Queen is one I am disappointed in. After her movie Speak the Word, I chased after every single Queen movie and it went from bad to worse. her weaves became longer and more atrocious and her acting skills went into the blazes. Right now, I by-pass every single movie she is in because it will be a headache and cause brain damage to watch. Ebube Nwagbo Coaster coaster. Sweet girl with the potential to blow up into making a very strong movie but she is as flat as a totilla. I am writing and racking my brain for some strong role she has played but I can't think of any. I can remember some movies she's done, but her performance has not brought me to tears before. Think of Ini Edo in where Oceans touch, or Chioma Chukwuka in sins of the flesh. Juliet Ibrahim Another coaster. I can't for the life of me remember even one movie I know her for. Tonto Dike She is on the list because she just needs to be on the list. bad actress, over-hyped. I remember her not because she's made a memorable movie but because she is so atrocious. Anne Macaulay Forever playing supporting roles. This one has played many more supporting roles because she simply can't carry a film. Chika Ike Add over acting to her credentials and you've got cannot act plus number 1 forget me quickly actress. What dynamic role has this girl played? she's either always shouting, talking too fast or making faces. uche iwuji what can we say about this girl? She needs divine intervention. Bad actresses, forever coaster. her claim to fame is granting nonsense interviews and attending functions. Not one memorable movie. Let me end here with an article I pulled from Misstilli's blog. everyone needs to read this. "Word of advice to all actors and actresses -I have said it here and i will say it again - unless you have a one breakthrough movie with a phenemenal performance that audience will ALWAYS remember, all you are doing is just coasting along and getting paid and in todays industry there are a lot of "coasting along" type actors and actresses (typical example: Chika Ike - not one memorable movie / performance girl has done to date -ultimate coaster). You need to aim to get a good script with a good director to make you the headline and for you to give us (the audience) the best performance ever, that will forever remain in our memory and of course thats when your name also sticks in our heads and we shall call you a household names - an actor or an actress the majority remember - remembered for your great performance - and not your looks. Once you have acted for at least 3 odd years always playing a friend/daughter/son etc in roles, its about time to move on up, and convince someone to cast you in a lead (pray about it) - if you deserve it by your great performance. Yes it is easier said that done to get a big headline role, but maybe in your little role if you act excellent someone might take notice and give you a chance. Uche Iwuji started acting in Jurassic Park days (meaning "long long time" ) and forever played a friend in every role until she slowly faded out and we dont see her anymore. She had great potential but it didnt go far." There are coasters among the men too. I have to do some extensive reaearch to really get into the men. they are not as bad as the girls. Please help list some of the coasting men. lets do a workshop on that next week. your social media marketing partner