Its sad when so called journalists open their mouths and nothing comes out but years of ignorance and a pathetic lack of education. Attractive Ayinde, one of the most indescribable """"Journalist"""" I have ever come across online says the American Embassy of Ghana should be sued for denying some of them visas to travel to America for Victor Olatoyes scam awards. You want the America embassy to grant you visa to attend an award show put together by a man who owns a strip club and was implicated in a massive North Carolina gang rape trial? How many years has this award been in existence? what are the verifiable, known, and respected credentials of the organizers? what sane human being will be doing an award show and be sane enough to think that he is in the power and authority to confer a lifetime achievement award on Obama? Thinking that will grant them overnight fame? Oprah, Obama etc have dealt with these situations and people many many times over and over again. Did I mention Victor is also giving himself a lifetime achievement award? Attractive, you have no valid reason to travel to America. Victor can mail your statuettes to you. And, please, stop disgracing yourself by saying you will sue the embassy of the most powerful nation in the world. Please, don't make trouble for any of the actors in Ghana. the American Embassy should not think they are all as small minded like you. what a laugh. sue the American Embassy. you can't even sue a Ghana state owned company and you will say something as naive as sue the American Embassy. An Embassy that even denied government official and sick dying people going for surgery visa. so so awards everywhere. everyone wants to be famous one way or the other. click the link below to go to... USA EMBASSY DISCRIMINATES AGAINST GHANAIAN CELEBRITIES. your social media marketing partner