It was a dark day on the streets on New York in the United States of America when a young Nigerian TOBI bowed to gang pressure. Drugs, guns, violence and bloodshed were the order of the day, as nothing could almost stop the violence. Since Ije hit the big screens in Nigeria, the Nigeria film industry, which has recorded tremendous progress in terms of quality of films being churned out, has been craving for a film like this. Though lots of producers have tried to do good movies trying to surpass the mark set by Ije, but the gap still remained noticed. It was no surprise when a young Nigerian, Emmanuel Ijeh set out to beat the benchmark with his film, TOBI. The movie, which was shot on the streets of New York in the USA, has already started getting thumbs up from top Nigerian stars. Top on the list is Muma Gee, who has shown excitement and anticipation on the flick, which premieres on April 13, 2012. Also is former Mr Nigeria, Bryan Okwara, who described the movie as a feat for Nollywood. TOBI centres on the consequences of what happens when 21-year-old Tobi (Mark Williams) bows to the dark side of gang pressure. In a flash, a seemingly morally upright young man gets caught in a web of violence, guns, bloodshed, drugs, parental expectations and conflicting voices in his head. Interestingly, the bond of brotherhood also stretches the thematic window of choices and sacrifice. The cast is a perfect blend of Nollywood and Hollywood stars. Some of the casts include Chet Bashari Anekwe, Jimmy Allen, Chisom Oz-Lee, among others. your social media marketing partner